May 18-19, 2024 at Camp Herms

and October 12-13, 2024 at Rancho Los Mochos

    Participants who complete this 16-hour course will become Leave No Trace Trainers qualified to teach Scouts and the community-at-large to be conservation minded.

    Completion of this course is highly recommended for Scouts BSA members who wish to hold the Outdoor Ethics Guide position of responsibility and for unit leaders who want to implement Outdoor Ethics effectively within their unit.

    Participants must be registered members of the BSA and age 14 or older by the first day of class. Classes are entirely outdoors and limited to 20 participants. All county and BSA covid safety requirements will be enforced.

    For more details on the May course, click here. Questions regarding the course may course may be directed to Lillian Remer.

This course syllabus is a collaborative effort of the BSA and the Leave No Trace Center. BSA Leave No Trace Trainer courses are a minimum of 16 hours long, and they cover:

  • All the required elements of the Leave No Trace Trainer Course.
  • Additional topics on application of Leave No Trace to the BSA program.

This course includes in depth instruction on Outdoor Ethics principles and overnight camping that is required for completion of the course.

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