Canoeing Awareness & Paddlecraft Safety

Scouts Paddleboarding
Indoor:                 May 12th  7-10 PM at the Council Office
Outdoor:              June 5-6 at Rollins Reservoir/Bear River .
Indoor:                 June 8th  from 7-10 PM at the Council Office
Indoor:                 (opt. BSA Paddlecraft Safety) June TBD 

This course provides the basics in planning and canoe handling for the novice or the experienced paddler enthusiast.  The course covers how to plan in detail a safe event for your unit on the water, including such adventures as the Northern Tier, Boundary Waters, Lower Grand Canyon, or local waters such as the American, the Russian or the Sacramento Rivers.

NEVER PADDLED BEFORE???  Fear not, we can get you down the river with confidence based upon the skills developed at our outdoor session.  We begin with flatwater basic canoe control.  In the afternoon me move to coordinated maneuvers between bow and stern paddlers.  Safety and rescue are included in the event of a spill.  River reading –the sense of how the river will move downstream giving you clues on where you should-or should not-be with the canoe will be highlighted.   Evening sessions close the day with immersion hypothermia, shuttle logistics and paddling demonstration videos. 

RIVER FUN – On Sunday we relocate from flat water to moving water along the Bear River.  We begin by experimenting with eddy turns and ferries.  Once we have these under our belt, we move downriver and play along the river catching each feature we can.  Importantly, we practice how to rescue a paddler who has fallen out of his boat.  We conclude the event at the Bear River Campground after running the Bear River with confidence.